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Your Easy and Convenient Solution For Recycling from Anywhere

At Arrow, our goal is to make recycling simple for everyone, regardless of your location. We are pleased to offer our new Electronic Component and Electronics shipping option. Ship direct to us from anywhere, with peace of mind.

Whether you're local or Nationwide, we are here for you as your responsible, certified recycling partner.

Check out our process and information below, and reach out to one of our E-Waste Specialists who can help you with all your recycling needs at 631-319-1910 or by email.

Electronics We Accept By Mail

* If you need to ship a high volume of components, please call or e-mail us so you can coordinate trucking the components to Arrow.


Circuit Boards

Gold Memory

Silver Memory

Fiber CPUs

Ceramic CPUs

Gold Connectors

Gold Pins

Copper Heat Sinks

Precious Metal
Bearing Scrap

Whole Unit/Devices

Hard Drives

Server Equipment

Network/Telecom Equipment



Cell Phones


Disk, CD-ROM and Floppy Drives

Power Supplies

Materials We Do Not Accept

  • Plastic
  • CRTs Monitors and TVs
  • Fiber Glass
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Glass
  • NiCd Batteries
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Nickel Metal Hybrid Batteries

Our Recycling Process

You will review the list of components that we do and do not accept

Pack your electronics securely in a box

Choose your favorite shipping service

Ship it to us

We will weigh your components using our certified scales

Process your payment

Your waste is then responsibly diverted from landfills

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Get a Quote!

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